Homeschool Gymnastics

Beginner level gymnastic classes for homeschool students. 

Classes will cover forward and backward rolls, plus handstands.  Focusing on building flexibility, strength, and confidence

  • Tuition cost listed is per month charge
  • The first month of your enrollment with us is considered a trial period. If you choose to not continue after your first month you must notify us before the 25th of that month, that you do not wish to continue. 
  • If we do not hear from you or you do choose to continue past the first month, your student will continue to be enrolled in the class until we receive a 30-day written notice that you wish to discontinue classes. 
  • Please email cancelation notices to  She will respond to your email with your student's last day of class and any tuition that may be owed.

Ages 5 & 6

Ages 7+